Environmental/Social Activist

Mombasa, Kenya

An Environmental/social Activist with a passion for critical study, thought, and reflection.
From an early age, Malik has accepted the responsibility and taken critical concern and action on the problems of inequality & discrimination involving sex/gender (including sexual orientation & gender presentation), especially when it intersects with other personal characteristics like race, class or ethnicity.
He has initiated information dissemination, education and this drove him to become a social media commentator & a contributor in various newspapers, magazines & journals. He led a critical campaign challenging the rights to a clean and healthy environment for a community that was exposed to emissions from a licensed industry. After the assassination of his father he became so vocal in the national newspapers and magazines, going as far as challenging the state responsibility towards the killing of his father who was a Kenya army general.
He has received numerous death threats & was forced to relocate and keep a low profile in fear for his life and grave concern by family members. Currently he is pursuing a law degree with the sole hope of challenging the existing systems for access to human rights for the less fortunate.