Wildlife and Environment Conservation

Mombasa, Kenya

He began his passion for wildlife and environment conservation back in school through active participation in conservation-oriented clubs.
He has a passion and participated actively in organizing tree planting and events such as the wheel barrow drive at Hells gate National Park. It is this drive that saw him being transferred by his employer to Olkaria to head the department there in 2014. Due to a lot of pollution coming from the wells, this saw the transfer of offices from the plant to housing estate in 2015.
He resigned from KenGen in October 2015 to start his own campaign against littering through his company Shanels Group of Companies Ltd and another arm known as Vacation Kenya. In less than a year the company had managed to get over 20 different companies to adopt safe disposal of litter by participating in the car waste program. Different forums and an event dubbed ‘Safisha Nairobi’ was even scheduled to take place on the 14th of August 2016. The main companies to be involved were KWS, NEMA, NAIROBI COUNTY, NTSA, private companies like Hennessis Hotel, Royal Media and a few property agents. Due to the bureaucracy in the government institutions the event never took place as intended but the campaign was done thus passing the message of using litter bags to eradicate litter associated to car waste.
This year 2017, his primary focus is on environmental conservation as a whole through eradication of deforestation by advocating the use of alternatives such as brickets instead of charcoal, plastic fencing posts instead of wood, use of biogas instead of wood fuel.