A Resident of the Owino Uhuru

Mombasa, Kenya

Mr. Wilfred Nkulu Kamencu is a resident of the Owino Uhuru community and member of CJGEA and has worked closely with the organization. He is a powerful community mobilizer and an advocate for the environment and gender rights. He was arrested alongside Ms. Phyllis Omido while advocating for the right to a clean environmental and together they passed though a year of judicial harassment before being acquitted.
It is the here in Mr. Kamencu’s area where a government licensed lead smelter opened its doors in the community unfairly exposing 3000 Kenyans to lead poisoning. The smelter came with the hope of jobs for the residents. Here, we got to witness first hand violations of many rights due to the impact of the violations of right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment. Childhood exposure to toxic chemicals on children’s right to health, growth and education, impact on sexual and reproductive rights on adults, rights to livelihood due to nursing of sick children and even the right to life with many losing their beloved ones are just some of the few examples. Mr. Kamencu and the other community members are still waiting for Justice through the judicial arm of government.