former smelter worker

Mombasa, Kenya

Mr. Hamisi is a former smelter worker of the Metal Refinery EPZ LTD that was located at Owino Uhuru area. He also seats on the Center for Justice Governance and Environmental Action’s board as a representative of the community as per the constitution mandates it and gives input where needed. He has mobilized the smelter workers to advocate for their rights after many were exposed to lead poisoning and many died and also lost their children from “carry home lead exposure from clothing”. He joined efforts in advocating for the Owino Uhuru residents’ right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment as per article 42 of the constitution of Kenya.
As one of those affected from the lead poisoning, he knows firsthand of how it feels to suffer from the ignorance and greed of both state and the corporates. He now seeks to see that justice is served to the perpetrators and that his community can finally access their rights as unarguably belongs to them. Regardless of the challenges from the consequences of the lead poisoning that he still has to live with, he thrives to go on with life and fight for all his colleagues and their families.