Chairman of KCNRN

Mombasa, Kenya

Mr. Nathaniel is the chairman of Kwale County Natural Resources Network (KCNRN) which is a membership organization working in Kwale County with affiliate organizations. It aims at advocating, sensitizing and mobilizing communities in the County to play an active role in the formulation of policies and legislations at both the County and National levels of government to enhance the way natural resources are managed. This is to ensure that all matters relating to sustainable water management; mining; climate change; environment management and conservation; forestry; natural resources; pollution and waste management are grounded on a firm legislative framework.
He has more than 24 years work experience in Government, and international NGO and the private sector. He was able to coordínate an establishment of 460ha of forest plantation at Diani estate (a reserve land for Bamburi Cement in South Coast, Kenya) and promoted community based forest conservation initiatives that tackle climate change challenges to improve local livelihoods. As a Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) Volunteer at Quinapondan, Eastern Samar, Philippines, he promoted agro-forestry interventions to improve soil and water conservation in upland areas. As an Agro-forestry extensionist at Taita/Taveta Asal Project (T-TAP) (Funded by DANIDA- Kenya) he promoted and disseminated agro forestry interventions to the local farmers.