Miss Phyllis Omido

April 24, 2015

09:00 - 07:00

Mombasa, Kenya

Kenyan Mother Wins Goldman Prize for Anti-Lead Protest After Her Own Breast Milk Made Baby Sick

As the world marks the 45th Earth Day, we speak to Kenyan activist Phyllis Omido, who was just awarded the Africa 2015 Goldman Environmental Prize, the world's most prestigious environmental award. Omido organized protests to close a lead plant in Mombasa, Kenya, that was exposing the community to toxic chemicals. Her son was one of those affected. She is the founder of the Center for Justice Governance and Environmental Action.

PHYLLIS OMIDO: Thank you for having me on the program. What we did - what I did, together with my colleagues, is that we mobilized the community to stand up for our right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment, which is guaranteed in the Kenyan constitution, but we had realized that state was asleep at the wheel, and therefore we needed to challenge - we needed to challenge the state to ensure this right for the community of Owino Uhuru.

Kenyan Mother Wins Goldman Prize